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Photo: Simon Holliday, 2021

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Amy Tollyfield is author to two published poetry collections, The Suicide (2018) and Toy Soldiers (2020), both published by Olympia Publishers, London. Find out more about Amy’s books so far here: http://www.amytollyfield.com/books.

Amy holds a Master’s degree in Shakespeare Studies (Birmingham), a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Theatre Practice (Hull) and is a former registered member of the National Youth Theatre.

Amy prefers savoury food to sweet, particularly enjoys very spicy curries (no, really), likes to strike while the iron is hot, loves coffee first thing in the morning, rates cats over dogs (though doesn’t dislike dogs, per se…), and would state her favourite colour as yellow on principle. Blue looks better but yellow is the ‘happy colour’ and, well, shouldn’t we all like yellow best for that fact alone?

Amy thinks her poetry books so far are ruddy fantastic but is particularly excited for Brixton Nights: her first novella and a bold, brave leap into the next chapter of her life as an author.

Thank you sincerely for your interest.


Find out more about Amy by visiting the ‘About’ section of her main website:

You can also find out more about Amy by reading her online interviews with
Bristol24/7 and Diva magazine online:

Interviews with Bristol24/7 (Bristol’s biggest independent magazine and website):

– Monday 22nd October 2018, ‘Interview: Amy Tollyfield’; link to article: http://www.bristol247.com/culture/books/interview-amy-tollyfield.

– Thursday 1st October 2020, ‘Amy Tollyfield: “I always write with the aim of creating a poem which is beautiful, rare and precious”‘; link to article: http://www.bristol247.com/culture/books/2-amy-tollyfield-i-always-write-with-the-aim-of-creating-a-poem-which-is-beautiful-rare-and-precious.

Interview with Diva Magazine UK (online), the leading magazine for gay and bisexual women in the UK:

– Friday 8th January 2021, ‘”The difficulties and the knock-backs make you graft harder”: What it’s like to be a queer poet’; link to article: http://www.divamag.co.uk/2021/01/08/the-difficulties-and-the-knock-backs-make-you-graft-harder-what-its-like-to-be-a-queer-poet.

In the interests of maximum transparency, please note that at the time of my interview with Diva magazine online I was not living in Bath and had not lived there for quite some time, contrary to the introduction of the piece.

Photo: Amy Trewick, 2021
Image: Olympia Publishers. Brixton Nights by Amy Tollyfield is out summer 2022
Awarded to Toy Soldiers by Amy Tollyfield (Olympia Publishers, London, 2020) by LoveReading UK
(www.lovereading.co.uk). Also awarded by LoveReading UK to Amy’s upcoming third book, Brixton Nights

Praise for Brixton Nights by Amy Tollyfield
(out summer 2022 with Olympia Publishers, London):

‘[Tollyfield]’s prose is evocative and atmospheric … An authenticity and pathos that resonate. A meandering but often affecting tale of ties that bind—and leave deep marks’ – Kirkus Reviews
‘A powerful and enticing realist novella’ – LoveReading UK





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